Key facts

Costs and business

  • You save at least one whole painting circle
  • more than 20 years experience / market presence
  • German high-tech quality
  • Up to 12 years warranty with our DIAMONDING system

The big advantages

  • 12 years warranty
  • 47% more profitable than repainting
  • German quality
  • All-round control of the paint surface during processing
  • 100% trust

The service & the budget

  • Annual report on the gloss values
  • 47% less expensive than repainting
  • We can also work on the dock
  • We work with lifts or cherry pickers, sometimes scaffolding
  • 50% faster than repainting
  • We achieve almost the same gloss values as new paint
  • The yacht looks like new every year

The workmanship

  • We have worked on more than 30 superyachts
  • Numerous superyachts are our regular customers for DIAMONDING with 12 years gloss guarantee on hull and construction
  • we work for the most important shipbuilders on short-term assignments (L├╝rssen, Blohm & Voss, Nobiskrug)
  • Crew training for optimal washing with the optimal washing system (demineralized water)
  • perfect shine (over 90%)
  • DIAMONDING is NOT polishing
  • DIAMONDING is NOT abrasive
  • DIAMONDING does NOT reduce the paint layer
  • DIAMONDING is a deep cleaning of the paint layer

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